System and Repository Division

The System and Repository Unit plans and coordinates all Library automation activities and other uses of information technology in the Library. The Division also manages the Library integrated online system. Its main aim is to improve information access through development and support programmes as well as enhancement by accessibility.


 • Plan and manage all computerized library information system to operate properly, efficiently and efficiently through the latest information technology infrastructure, adequate and meet the needs of the Library.

 • To plan and ensure the hardware / software and network functioning and well-maintained on a regular basis from time to time.

 • Plan and manage purchasing, inventory and disposal of equipment, ICT hardware and software according to the needs of the library.

 • Manage and operate the digitization of material in the Repository @USM.


 • Ensure that services and information technology needs of the physical equipment is the best available and meet the needs of the Library.

 • Plan computing tasks to improve through new applications that can enhance the performance of services

 • Plan, manage and conduct the operation and maintenance of ICT hardware, including servers, PCs, notebooks, networking equipment and security in the Library.

 • Ensure the USM Institutional Repository function works well and can be accessed by users 24 x 7.


 • Ensure Integrated Online Library System ( SBDTP ) and computerized information system to another library to operate smoothly in all networks including Health Campus Library and the Engineering Campus

 • Planning and managing system back-up and perform system recovery if necessary.

 • Ensure that services such as the Library Information System ( SBDTP , library portal , Open Athens , ePrints , ERBS,Libki ) operate and run smoothly.

 • Ensure that all procurement of ICT equipment , hardware and software inventory are recorded in the system and also keep complete records of inventory information technology equipment Library branch campuses reported from time to time .

 • Ensure all inventory and write off computer equipment involving the Treasury Department and PPKT run as scheduled .

 • Ensure that the computer equipment maintenance tasks under the responsibility of running as scheduled

 • Monitor and ensure that the information on the Website and all information updated library services . Staff and announcements can be passed on to consumers Library .

 • Ensure the implementation of the USM institutions ePrints repository goes as planned in which all the materials selected , edited and uploaded in accordance with the USM Institutional Repository .

 • Assist in providing infrastructure ( equipment , software) during training , workshops and seminars conducted by the Library.

 • Ensure and monitor activities related to ISO 9001:2015 Automation Division as monthly monitoring of quality objectives , maintenance of computer equipment , the implementation of internal audit and audit by SIRIM goes as planned

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Head of Unit: 
Ahmad Nurul Amein Ahmad Ramli
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Librarian (S41)

Phone : 09-7671477