Reference & Research

Reference & Research Division 


The Reference and Research Division handles reference inquiry and assists user in finding information. It also focuses on teaching users information searching and retrieval skills. The main functions of this division are as below :

1) User Education & Information Literacy

Programs to teach user life-long skills to enable them to use information resources effectively through the following activities:

(a) Information Literacy Skills Workshop

(b) Information Search Skills Workshop

(c) Library Briefing

(d) Taklimat Jerayawara (Road Show)

(e) Endnote Workshop

(f) KRISALIS Clinic

2) Reference Inquiry

Handling Reference Counter services by maintaining its quality.

3) Newspapers 

Daily newspapers are located at level 1 and level 2. The compilation of newspapers will be kept for usage and internal borrowing. After 3 months the newspaper will be discarded.

Newspaper cutting on medical topics are indexed and kept in files up 2008 and are available for internal reading. The library also provides links to online newspaper here.


For further information, please contact:


Nurul Azurah Mohd Roni
Head of Reference and Research,
Senior Librarian (s44)

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